Am I just not cut out for dating?

I'm 31 and I've been on quite a few dates in my time but never been one one where I could actually say I enjoyed myself. They were awkward and uncomfortable at best and miserable at worst. I can not look back on a single date I've ever been on where I can say it was worth it.

Any suggestions/recommendations as far as what to do? Should I throw in the towel?


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  • Stop caring so much about what impression your leaving behind, what she thinks of you and where you want to end up with this girl...

    Date because you want to meet people and have fun, do the things you enjoy to do on those dates and talk about the things you want to... works for me and for the most part, I dare to say I've enjoyed most of my dates.

    I'm just speculating ofcource but I'm guessing your not doing the above and are limiting yourself FOR HER amusement leaving you with a bitter aftertaste about the dates itself.

    I'm not saying completely ignore her expectations of a date and be a complete douchebag, but don't be afraid to do the things you like and she'll appreciate you for it as if your having fun, she can't help but notice that and will appreciate that at the very least even if its not her favorite activity or topic of discussion.

    • The things I enjoy doing aren't things you do on dates. In fact they really aren't things that can really involve other people.

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    • motorcycle riding. puzzles. shooting range. woodworking. writing. drawing.

    • I've done 4 of those things on a date so I don't quite see how you can say that.

      You can easely have a drive on a motorcycle to a location

      Shooting range might not be perfect but what about airsoft?

      Puzzles are also not impossible to do with 2 people, just make sure you can wine & dine with it

      Can't say I'm a great drawer but I did paint with a girl I dated who was an artist, we'd try a joint painting which was fun as after a while.. we where both covered in paint because of... stuff :P

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  • Go on a date and enjoy yourself, don't worry bout impressing the girl. Just be yourself

    • I don't really worry about impressing the girl to begin with. It just ends up being awkward.

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  • Call your date before hand and see what she's interested in doing. Some women like to go dancing, some like to go to dinner, try to find out what your date enjoys doing, then plan a date that you both will enjoy.