Why won't he actually hang with me?

So there is this guy that shows that he likes me. We are both in 11th grade and go to the same school. So except for breaks and weekend, I see him everyday. I also like him. He always talks about how much he wants to hang with me and how he wants to kiss me. But, he is all talk and no action basically. I have asked him quite a few times to hang and he is like maybe... idk,.. And doesn't really give me a straight up answer. Which when he finally does give an answer it is always a no... I cant... Or the weather is bad... Seems like he always has an excuse. And I just wanna know WHY?

If you could give me some ideas why some guys do this?

Or could you give me some tips on going about this situation?

That would be greatly appreciated (:


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  • He's nervous. Confident enough just to talk, but not to do. Maybe he hasn't experienced it before so not sure what to expect or do?


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  • cause he is an a**hole, I have known guys like that, just forget about them!