Guys, what do you like to talk about on your first date?

Do you prefer talking about yourselves or would you prefer to hear more about your date?

Do you prefer the ladies to ask the questions or do you want to ask them?

What are good subjects for you? Sports, world news, business? Is it best that we kind of read up on something your interested in? Do you like to talk about personal issues?

Give us a little help?


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  • I think that a really good guy would try figure out your interests, and give an idea of his own so that you both find some common ground upon which you can have great mutual conversations. One person or the other doing ALL the talking probably won't go well (depends on the people), but a guy who shows genuine interest in what his date has to say, as well as in the reciprocal, is much better.

    So talk about what you're interested in, and see if he is, too. And vice versa.