Kissing etiquette when dating?

I went on 4 unofficial dates with this guy, he would ask me out as friends but of course I knew there was a certain attraction by the way he acted.

He tried kissing me a few times but I only let him kiss me on the fourth date, we made out for 4 hours nothing more happened. On the ride home (he drove) we didn't talk about it or feelings or anything along the lines. We talked about music amongst other random topics, he seemed happy.

Once he dropped me off he kissed me again and after that he didn't contact me. I thought maybe he needed space to process what happened, let a few days go by and sent him a friendly text saying, "hey how are you going, how was work :)?"

No surprises he didn't reply. What annoys me is that he kissed me first and made out for hours made it look as though everything was fine and then walked away without even explaining what happened?

What went wrong? Did I do something? Should you make things clear after a kiss like talk about feelings? Should you even be kissing that long? I had no idea I thought it felt right and guided by instinct but now I feel like fool. Opinions please, I am really not great at dating! :-\


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  • I feel like he's not behaving in a way that can be rationally explained without more information. I would let it go and just chalk it up to experience. I don't feel like you did anything wrong.

    • Thanks, I don't feel I have done anything wrong either, who knows maybe he just stopped being attracted to me or something.

    • Maybe he's just being the ass he is. That gets my vote. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year to you! :)

  • If I did that, it would be because spending time with you doesn't feel right anymore. That could be 3 things: because you did something horrid, because I simply stopped being attracted to you, or because I believe that I did something horribly wrong. Anyways you will probably never know.

    • Thanks, I don't know I really feel the only thing I could have done wrong was make out for too long but that's never been a problem with anybody else. Guess I'll never know.

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