I just initiated a date...should I wait for him to ask me out?

Hey I just met a guy online (twitter) and so far I am interested. He has a decent job (I found him on fb and he doesn't know it and after reviewing his page I know he was honest about who he is and what he does-have to do background checks with people you talk to online lol), He is straight forward about his emotions whether it is good or bad and that is what I like in a guy and seem like he would be cool to hang out with. I got a text from him this morning stating he was disappointed because I planned on coming out to his house party for nye to meet each other and didn't make it. At least he let me know..that is kind of a turn on to me because now I know if something is on his mind he would let me know. Anyway, I told him that I have never met anyone online and think we should go out and have dinner one day. He thinks it is a good idea. I ended the convo by telling him to have a good day. Should I wait for him to text me and ask about going out on a date or should I be the one? I often wait to see if a guy text first which is always a sign that he is interested. With me it is like if you show me interest then I will show love back. When should I wait to text him?


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  • If you are interested in him then ask him out. If you wait for him it may not happen - after all you've only got an 'online connection' at the moment and those are, sorry to say, pretty much just make believe.

    Nothing really happens until two people are physically in each others' presence - that's is when 'chemistry' either shows up, or doesn't. And that is the indicator that's gonna tell you two whether to date each other or not.

    So suggest to the guy you two go out, but after you do and he says yes let him do all the 'chasing'. We are wired to chase, not be chased.

  • How old are you and how old is he?

    • He is 25 and I am 30. Age really doesn't matter to me because I have always been very wise and mature at a young age and I have dated guys about 4 years younger that was so mature I forgot about the age. Anyway, what is your answer Mr?...lol

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    • Oh one more thing...what I meant by him expressing my feelings and that a lot of guys don't let you know what is on your mind. Based on experience with dealing with guys a lot just sit back and don't let you know what they are feeling or what is on his mind. By him letting me know that he was disappointed it shows that he is not prideful.

    • lol ... expressing his feelings* what is on his mind* smh I need sleep ..cant type today

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