Girl I met in College' got back in touch recently; going on a date; please advice

I met this girl at homecoming when I was a senior in college, two years ago. She had a boyfriend at the time a big loser. We all got drunk. She kept on complimenting me and giving me lots of signs of interests and touchy feely stuff. Thoguh her Boyfriend was there so there was no chance for anything as I had just met her and she had a bf, etc.

She said how great a guy I was and how any girl would want to be with me and what friends she could set me up with, etc. She was drunk, keep in mind.

She lives in Boston and I in NYC. She is visiting NYC this weekend and she called me to meet up.

How do I seal the deal and hook up with her? I am thinking a lot of kino and sextalk. What are good strategies? How do I make fun of her lightly and get her off balance?

Finally, for a girl I don't see often like heri feel I almost have to make out with her that night or at least a kiss; because I feel a memory needs to be established and a precedent for future stuff; otherwise stuff could be ambiguous (ljbf or a grey area or her losing interest); like I need to be aggressive and forward (obviously not in an extreme way)

otherwise she migh tlose interest

what do you think?

because I don't see her often

How do I aggressively go for her physically and kiss her? when can I tell if the moment is right?



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  • Take her on a nice date, one that she would think is flattering. Make it memorable by being fun and outgoing, and also by taking her somewhere unique that other guys who have taken her on dates might not have thought of. Once I went on a date to a planetarium and the museum. The show was about dinosaurs and we had fun giggling about memories we had there when we used to go as kids. We then went out for dinner afterwards to a restaurant we both haven't been before. I had a great time!

    Some other cute ideas (outdoor ice skating, drive in movie, day at the beach, a hike, a tapas bar, a restaurant with exotic food you both haven't tried before, a concert with a band she enjoys, mini golf, a picnic).

    To let her know your interested, compliment her, look right into her eyes when you talk to her and smile. Physical contact is universal body language for "im interested in you." Touch her shoulder occasionally when you talk to her or put your hand on her knee for a small bit if you guys are sitting next to each other.

    Sex talk is lame to me. It's a turn off usually, and I'm a very sexual person. Just kiss her when it feels right and take her on a nice date. Treat her with respect. Women truly love that.


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  • Geez, you sound very romatic. I am sad I am not able to go on a date with you . Get her drunk again, maybe then you will stand a chance. You want her off balance slip her a roofie, jerk. Yes, whenever I go on a first date I am always looking for kink talk. Really gets up girls going. God, you men make me sick. Go pick up a hooker if you want sex, same price as a date and you don't have to try for it.

    • You totall misunderstood me. I just wanted to establish that our relationship was not just friends.

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    • I concur : ]

    • Agreed, if she's drunk again she'll just see you as another guy who will want to use her as nothin more than a hookup. now if that's what you want, then go for it.

  • Seriously if you go the sex talk route, you'll probably get slapped. Be a gentleman! Impress her with the fact you are interested in HER, not what is between her thighs!

    Bring her flowers, yes I know it's sometimes considered old fashioned or cheesy. But seriously it is so rarely done that it will stand out ,and guarenteed that when she goes back and tells her friends, there will be a chorus of "Aww, that is so sweet!" heard in the room, now you got her girlfriends on your side. And that is a good thing because the "sweet nice guy who brought you flowers" will always be brought up to her, keeping you in her mind.

    Has she been to NYC before? If not take her to some of the unique parts of the city on a little tour. When she remembers NYC, she will think of you. Hey I got an idea find that statue of Balto in Central Park. I think that is where it is. Balto is the sled dog that delivered the medicine to a town of very ill people in Alaska saving their lives. Google it to find out the whole story and locate the statue, then impress her with your knowledge of the story (there was a movie about it made back sometime in the 90's) and girls are suckers for a knowledge of that kind of story and then to see the statue dedicated to him.

  • She obviously is interested in you and you could hook up with her no problem. However, its up to you to decide whether or not you like her and want to establish a try to get a long distance relationship going. Or if you just want it to be hooking up. Either way, you have to let her know you are interested if you want something. A lot of women assume the worst so don’t be ambiguous.


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