When you kiss, what do you like her to have on her lips, if anything?

Guys, when you kiss your girlfriend, what do you like her to have on her lips, and what do you not like? Why? And what are your favorite flavors?

Girls, from your experience, what do you prefer, and what have guys typically preferred? What flavors have you had that he really loved? and where did you get it?

Thanks Everyone!


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  • when I am kissing her

    the ONE and ONLY thing I want on her lips from that point on

    are my lips

    that is all I need, no cover, flavor, not a thing

    • ...unless they are super dry or something haha

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    • haha! maybe it was corny, but it was really cute too! lol

    • if you say so

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  • why would you need flavors? the softness of her lips is more than enough. I don't like kissing after eating because I would taste whatever my girl was eating and it doesn't feel nice.


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  • I used to put a kind of a strawberry lip balm, but my ex boyfriend prefered my lips :D I mean the natural taste of lips ! he kept saying that he hates my lip balm :D

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