Do I call even though I've already texted and emailed?

i don't want to come off as clingy. I have already texted a bunch of times with no response. I've emailed once to say I'm sorry. he hasn't replied. I said I would call later because there's been a miscommunication. I don't really want to though. I rather not but for the sake of consistency I feel like I should. we are not dating. we're on our last legs.


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  • Depends on what you want.

    In general, talking and clearing everything is the best way to clear a relationship or break a relationship.

    In your case, if you don't want the relationship to continue, and if there is not communication from the other side, you can simply not do anything and wait for the relationship to fade out.

    But, make sure that you want to end the relationship before fading out.

    • Hmmm, well he doesn't seem want to talk about anything. that's why I freak out. it's like he likes the ambiguity. I almost want to call him out on it. he got back to me but just said he was really busy and that it's ok.

    • i don't htink he wants to talk about anything because he's getting non committal sex once in a while. he might have to deal with my breakdowns but it's not negatively affecting him. that's my guess.

    • how do I get him to talk then?

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  • No


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  • He may want you to back off a little. Constant texts and emails show slight clinginess and he may want space, which is why he isn't replying. I'm sure he's getting your messages. Just let him come to you when he's ready.

    • Well he wrote back. I said I would call but didn't so he sent a message around 930pm. Saying its cool. Should I still call or just leave it be?

    • For consistency sake, I'm going to say yes and call him. If you know he stays up late, give it another hour before initiating. If not, wait til tomorrow. You don't want him believing he's got you already on a short leash. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing you will call him in an instant. After all, he made you wait when you contacted him, right?