Does he want to date me or just be email friends? (Dating site question)

I'm on a dating site, this guy found me and we started emailing each other. He emails me everyday, common questions like how was my day, etc., and I've been emailing him back my replies.

My question is, I am not looking for email chat, I want to go out and date.I don't have any experience with these dating sites, so I don't know how to read this guy. I understand getting to know each other a little bit before yo go on a date but its hard to develop any attraction just corresponding via email. Is he just getting to know me or just wanting me to be his talking buddy?

Men what are your thoughts please?

He finally asked me out. thanks for ther answers :)


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  • "Nice guy" syndrome. Same old story..he's trying to "win" you approval and not be a "Douche" you got a choice girl and you already made it no reply..or you can hint like flirt little yourself be bold and open the can of sex talk with" wow I'm feeling a real connection if I was to go out with you what sexy thing would you say to me" watch you get turned on...not like you never faked it before? ¥ Bag.

    • "win" my approval? Please elaborate on that? :)

What Girls Said 1

  • You can ask him out.

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