First kiss or a gone miss?

I haven't had my first kiss yet it scares me a lot thinking that I might be a bad kisser. How can I stop that from happening? Does it come naturally or it takes practice or something?...


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  • doesn't matter if you're a bad kisser. these things take experience. practice helps but then again, what would you practice with?

    • A guy that isn't looking for any type of attachment, a dummy (an actual one), or a teddy bear? I don't know I need to think about it. But the problem is, what if you like a guy, & he has experience but you don't? (this is just an example by the way...idk yet)

    • try doing some reading on the internet but take it with a pinch of salt. I love it when our eyes are closed when we kiss, just enjoying the sensations and the feelings we get.

      as a guy, I wouldn't mind if a girl is a virgin kisser. if she tells me, we could even have some fun practicing and improving.(:

    • Thank you. :)

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  • Both. It comes naturally but you get better after practice. Don't worry about not being good enough, if you tell him you've never kissed he'll understand.

  • practice with a girlfriend and then post it on the internet


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