What does it mean when a guy acts like this?

I've kind of been friends with this guy for four years now. He used to like me a long time ago. Reason why I say "kind of" friendsis because although we haven't talked face to face in about three years, he still texts me, even though I see him at school nearly every day. Weird thing is that when we text, we talk about everything... Girls he likes, and even "controversial" topics (positions, pleasure) sometimes. The other thing is that he often compliments me, saying he likes my eyes for example.. He also tells me I'm beautiful which, not "hot" or anything slightly presumptuous like that. Why do we even text? No other guy friends text me the way he does, he teases me lightly but surely he does not like me because he talks to me about other girls and we do not talk to each other at school, I think at this point, after 3 years it would be awkward to dust strike up a conversation. Why does he do this? What does it mean, of anything at all.. Should I continue to humor him by continuing texting him?

Please, I just want to know why he bothers texting me and not approach me at school, I'm not purposely intimidating or anything :S
And a lot of the time when discussing sexual content, he'll ask about me and him


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  • I think He does have feeling towards you, strong ones, but is hiding them because he thinks you don't have feelings for him, Which is why he continues to talk about other girls he has "crushes" on. So you don't find out he likes you.

    Maybe you should have a discussion with him some time ,in person, if you see him anytime soon, if he Does have feelings for you because you do for him, and where you two currently stand in the relationship.

    • I don't know how that can be possible.. We don't text too often but when we do... Haha its fun, I just don't know what to think of him. I don't think I have feelings for him though.

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