What advice have you read that actually and definitely helped you get more dates?

Guys and girls.

I can't imagine any person being unwilling to offer _any_ kind of advice, comment or suggestion. But let's face it: A lot of it is just common sense, stuff you've heard / read / thought before, some of it is vague and crap, and some of it is possibly downright wrong.

I want to know what piece of advice or knack you were given that actually, measurably, definitely helped you get more dates.


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  • From an old Irish song..."if you want them to run after you, just walk the other way..." This doesn't always work..what does, especially with the Trumpettes so dominant among women in the USA these days?--but it's the best single piece of advice about the opposite gender I've been able to access.


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  • Show interest regardless of the potential end result.


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