GUYS-do you want a girl to text you first or would you rather take the lead?

there are so many times that I want to text my crush to say good morning or see how he is, but I always get so paranoid like I'm bothering him or something, or simply the fact that he won't text me back.So I wait for him. It's been days now since he's texted me when he used to text me all the time. So I deleted his number out of my phone and any texts that would allow me to see his number. I know he was interested, but perhaps he's wondering the same thing as me..."why isn't she texting me?"



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  • The easy fix for your dilemma is to text him first and then the next day or cycle or wte you call it, you let him text first. That will balance things out. But I would rather a girl let me take the lead but of course some guys are too inexperienced or shy to do that, do a little help is not so bad. Just don't be the only one who always starts conversations and all that. You really don't want that :p

    • i suppose you're right! he's probably waiting for me, since he typically texts me first. I just felt a little worried when he didn't text me on new years. We thought we were going to link up during the night, and he never hit me up. So I felt like he was over it.

  • Guys as a general rule love to be the one to take the lead...sometimes though guys...just like girls...need you to be the first sometimes, to reaffirm that you are thinking about him. A lot of the things that you want a guy to do, guys want you to do as well we just can't tell you that..we sorta expect you to do it on your own. I would suggest that you not be too aggressive about being the first always except for maybe something like this...I had a girl that texted me "Good Morning" every day...nothing else just made me smile because I felt like she was thinking about me first thing in the day and that made me feel special...just be friendly and sweet and not demanding and that may help!


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