Tips for a 1st date?

So I asked this girl out, she suggested lunch instead, I Haven't ever been on a date, let alone a lunch one, I was hoping I could get some tips because ill really have no idea on what I'm doing and I don't know that ill have a lot to talk about...


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  • Lunch date... hmm,

    1. don't just sit there eating talk to her about stuff.

    2. Ask her questions, start with simple questions about what she does, does she have brothers and sisters, about study, job, family, etc and go from there...

    3. Look at her when you talk, not your food or your shoes.

    4. Have an opinion... ask her what she wants in regards to things but if she asks you to choose a restaurant or something have somewhere in mind or to choose a dish, know what kind of things you want.

    5. Offer her one compliment at some point in the date, don't overdo it.

    6. Offer to pay.

    7. Don't let it drag on to long, finish your first date up before it gets boring and if you feel you are running out of things to say and you've finished eating, politely suggest that you have somewhere else to be.

    8. If you get a phonecall or meet a friend in the date, keep it brief, don't leave her alone and unentertained.

    9. Seem interested in what she's saying, respond to her responses. (if she says she works at an accounting firm, ask her which one)

    10. Dress and look appropriately not too relaxed, not too overdone and over-eager.

    • Seems legit, how long is too long or too short? what's a good excuse to end it? would saying I have to go to my cousin's at 4 be a bad idea? Is offering to pay not enough? should I tell kind a force it? should I walk her to her car afterwards? she knows I don't have a car and ill be walking, I think its less than a mile though, if she offers me a ride should I turn her down? what if she insists? how early should I get there?

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    • yeah, not bad for spontaneous huh? :P I would say it really depends on how things were going... but maybe 2 or 3 hours is enough. Regarding your cousin's as long as it sounds like there is a good reason for you to visit, in case she asks. In terms of paying, tell her you insist, be a little forceful but I've dated girls who have really wanted to split it and you can't change their minds. Definitely walk her to her car and if she offers to drive you, maybe turn it down first time and ...

    • if she suggests again, accept. And maybe arrive at least 10 minutes early in case things go wrong. Then you can just stand outside on your phone pretending to text people, like everyone does, till she arrives.

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  • Just be yourself. Don't talking about sex,religion or politics. Talk about movies you've seen or would like to see. What about music? Perhaps you both have the same taste:)

    You can talk about the holidays and the great time you had(if any)spending time with family.

    Hope that helps!:)

    • Right, NEVER talk about those three things. ^ Perfect way to END a relationship.

  • Try to be calm, of course nerves are adorable, but confidence is sexy. Try to find a healthy medium. Ask her questions about what she's talking about, it'll make her feel like you really care. Try to stay close to her (i.e, subtly brushing your hand across her when you walk, standing close to her), but in a non-creepy way. DO NOT LET IT GET AWKWARD. Keep her smiling. :)

  • you pay

    make small talk

    prepare some cute funny stories in advance

    ask her questions


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  • Forget it already. Just meet for some coffee. The vibe already sounds like she's not into you.

    • That's harsh... She could just find lunch dates romantic and easy for a first date. Kind of a calm setting rather than a really intense night thing. You don't know. :P

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