He didn't message me today..

He'd message me every day last week over vacation, but he hasn't message me today. I don't know if I should take that as a bad sign? When he has messaged me, we flirt a lot and he's really sweet towards me with compliments and such. We also tend to talk for long and he'll ask me to Skype, etc. I'm not sure if I've done anything wrong since I haven't heard from him at all today :(


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  • why don't you text him?

    • I don't have his number. He got his phone taken away so we fb message each other. And I really don't want to come off as clingy.

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    • QAHe initiates conversations with you EVERYDAY, right--except the other day?

      How the hell does it look clingy, if you do it for once? He's t he one that's doing it everyday. Geez.. Maybe he stopped texting, because he thought you weren't interested.. Since you never initiate.

    • He texted me after that one day. He was just busy for that day :)

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  • could be busy or say had some family thing you could try to change things up and message him first


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