Girls: How can a guy get your attention online (Facebook as an ex)

I have quite a few pretty girls on my Facebook friends list. Girls I can rate like from 8 - 10. I don't personally know them, I just came across their profile as they live in my area. I try to chat with them but get no reply or sometimes just a hi... How possible could it be that I can let them I'm interested without sounding creepy?

Secondly, do you think it's a good idea to randomly add a girl you don't know personally with the aim of attractin her?


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  • (1) No, it's never a good idea to add a stranger to your FB. The negatives are WAY too numerous to list here.

    (2) If you absolutely must go further with any of these girls (instead of just tweezing down your FB list to reflect the people you actually know well), say "Hey, are you in the neighborhood this week? I'm going to ask a few of my FB friends to get together. Would you be available to hang out?"

    • Yea you right... but what if I make it clear to her before/after she has accepted the request like:

      "hey, I just came across your profile and I think you look attractive and I would like to know you?"

      Isn't that cool or you won't be moved by that?

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    • Oh yea, at least you had something in common which was work.

      but I think I'm quite clear now. thanks!

    • Good luck. :-)

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  • Sigh.

    They don't know you. So why would they try talking to you?

    You want to add good-looking girls into your FB friends list, you meet them in person and get to know them.

    That's where things start off. Only way you'll get so many girls to add you to FB without you trying is if you're Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, or any other male celebrity with good looks and a good personality. (However, celebrities don't do FB. They're too busy for that sh*t)