Am I initiating contact too often?

I met this guy, and initially he contacted me every day. We went on a few dates. We kissed and cuddled at his place but didn't go further. Over the holidays (just over a month apart) we settled into a routine of contacting each other every 2-3 days, except sometimes he just doesn't reply. I then get tired of waiting for his reply so I either text him or email him. Then he'd reply almost right away. This happened about 3-4 times, and he never contacted me first (but then I always replied to his messages). Is he tired of me? Am I being too clingy? Should I not reply? I just don't understand why he won't initiate contact anymore!

I usually wait a couple of days to give him a chance to answer before contacting him again...


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  • That doesn't sound like you're being clingy. Don't worry about it too much, maybe he's just busy. If it's bothering you though, next time he doesn't reply, wait longer or not at all, I'd think if he were interested or missed you he'd notice and contact you soon after. You shouldn't have to be the only initiating either.


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