What do you expect from a boy/girl when in or looking for a relationship?

Stemming off my last question- What qualities are necessary? Which ones are most important?

Do you feel like you are picky choosey about the people you are interested in?

  • It takes a lot to impress me, my standards are high.
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  • Not particularly picky, but I do have my limits.
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  • I'm pretty much easy going with everyone, willing to give them a chance.
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  • In no particular order: Intelligent, decent looking, not stuck up, not concerned about social life, has a personality I can get along well with.


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  • Im extremely picky. Mainly because I have too much to focus on to be impressed by a girl. I have far better things to worry about than a relationship, so If a girl really wants my attention right now, she'd have to be darn near perfect. But an exception, is intelligence. I can overlook almost anything for an intellectual, there are so few these days, you have to snag'em when they grace your path. I'm not attracted to the size of a girls boobs, I'm attracted to the size of their ideas, beautiful minds are what catch my attention.

  • I have key limits when it comes to interests (I can't stand women who are so damn stupid and defensive about video games... they are really insecure most of the time and think the video games are competition for them, it's just annoying) or personality (I really don't want to ever date a promiscuous woman or someone who's so close minded or whatnot). So.. ya. I do have standards, but I really am fairly lenient on things too.


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