What would you say the odds are that you get a second date?

Just wondering ladies how giving of a second date you usually are. I'm going on a date this weekend with a girl I really like and I hope if I do good she'll give me a second date. I believe if I can get the second date then I have a really good chance of making her my girlfriend because she'll see my qualities and that I'm a great guy.

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My question really isn't about me. What I'm asking ladies is are you going into date one hoping to give date 2 or do you have to be convinced during the date?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 100% if you do good. she already likes you, just make her believe that


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  • well.. I don't really know what your odds are without the first date happening ...

    i say, just get through with the first date before thinking about the second


What Guys Said 1

  • Give your head a shake. Let me guess, you're blowing money on her. She needs to earn the second date. You can spend money on anyone.

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