He is acting distant and I'm devastated, please help!

please help me!? I've been dating a guy for 6 months, I've known him for a long time he has always liked me. We have been on numerous dates and I have met his family and his friends (he hasn't met mine yet). The last 2 months have gotten more serious. He planned a romantic weekend for my birthday and after that we began talking every single day. He calls when he says, he texts me good morning, I'd say 80% of the time he initiates the phone calls. For Christmas we spent time together and exchanged gifts. And he finally acknowledged me as his girlfriend in public, something I was concerned about but never told him, just went with the flow of things. Then literally, he did a complete turn around last week. After Xmas, I didn't hear from him for a day. I was busy myself so I kind of gave him his space. He texted me the next day, then from then on and all week I initiated all calls. He would call me right back and tell me he was out with friends and that he would call back later but wouldn't. He'd text me the next day with excuses, and I wouldn't complain, and the cycle would start all over. Now this week I haven't heard from him at all and I feel like I did all the calling last week so I don't know if I should call him again. Why is he acting so different all of a sudden and what should I do? I'm so hurt by this :(


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  • it might be as simple as he didn't want to seem so easy and eager and thought you were taking him for granted or that he was putting in all the effort. Or it could mean that you had a very intense time together and he's just looking for a bit of a change, like he'll spend time with his friends for a couple of weeks and then before you know it life will return to normal. Don't get too stressed and if I were you just give it a little longer before you bring it up with him, let it seem like he can have his space if he needs it, but also contact him still occassionally to let him know you don't just think its his job.

    • I think you're right, thank you for this

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  • Hmm.. Do not call him this time. Wait for his call. I know it hurts, but bare it. When he calls you do not act desperate or that you where waiting for his call. Pretend your busy and were so busy you did not even notice he didn't call. This way he will stop taking you for granted. Also he will be suspicious that you might be seeing someone else. This will make him desperate and he will start chasing you. But if did not chase you or got jealous, then he might be seeing someone else :-(


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  • ok let me get this straight you hardly call him he has to call you most of the time I know what its like to be the one doing most of the work in the relashionship I have been there done that it takes 2 people to be in a relashionship did you not call him a lot because he wasent letting every one know you were his girlfriend or because you were not sure of how you felt or of how he felt if that's the case then you need to work things out promise him that you will make more of an effort in the relashionship and that you will call him more offten then you do he seems like a really grate guy he just needs to know that you will put more time and effort and energy into it if you want your relashionship to last he proable thinks you don't want to be in a relashionship with him because he is doing a lot of the work in the relashionship what do you do to make your relashionship with him work ?

    • I understand what you mean. He texted me today and so I called him. But he was still acting distant he was quiet and we didn't speak long. Not that he has to call that's just how itsbeen he usually just calls or texts before I get to do it. I still put in effort I have paid for and initiated dates too.The fact that I was unaware of where we stand did confuse me a bit. I recognize his actions but he also hasn't expressed to me how he really feels about me. Now I'm more confused :(

    • aw I am really sorry I hope he comes to his sences you seem like a grate girl I hope it works out and that he tells you his true feelings but just so you know most guys don't like talking about feelings or even like showing them to there girlfriend