Should I pursue her?

A girl I really liked for 2months told me she has had sex 5 times. I'm a virgin and this really changed my view of her I still like her but that's a lot of baggage what should I do?

Most of you have asked I'm 17 and so is she . I asked her about it and she sid she regrets it. She has done it with 5 different guys some while she was drunk and some sober


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  • i am a virgin too and I wouldn't mind if my partner was a virgin or not because then he would be more experienced in bed.. I think you should pursue her but not for a long term relationship just use her for the experience since you actually like her

    • I would definitely not do this! Never USE someone; dating is meant to be find =ng your spouse, not go from person to person to see which fish you like better. If you date to just date, then you will end up screwing yourself over in the long run and have sex with different people because you're "in the moment".

    • okay cool..

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  • I agree, I've had sex countless times but it was only with 2 people (who I was in love with). She may think that that was a mistake, but if you really like her you can move past that. I would't have sex with her until you are really in love or married if you are still a virgin. Trust me, having sex is a HUGE deal, and you don't want to ruin it before the honeymoon :)

    • I'm only 17

    • I just turned 18 when I did this. I'm 19 now. Age doesn't matter for love, people used to fall in love when they were 14.

  • I agree with the user below. It makes a huge difference if she has slept with 5 guys or with one guy 5 times. How old are you guys anyways?

    I'm a virgin too, and I don't see why the fact that your partner has had sex before, should put you off

  • Did she have sex 5 times or with 5 different guys? If you like her, then you should pursue her. But if you can't get over the fact that she has had sex, move on.


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  • Pursue her. The fact that she has had sex five times or with five different guys doesn't matter. Use this opportunity to have more experience, but do not marry her. Yes, you should only hook up with her that's all. No marriage or long term relation.

    • oh wow, that's incredibbly mean. Don't listen to this guy, you should at least consider having a long term relationship with her

    • I know it sounds mean, but I had to answer on such information. I am trying to say is that if she has slept with five guys already, then mostly likely she is a two timer. Think of it, Hockeypro (the one who asked the question) is under 18. So she is around the same age. In such short time how can you have 5 relationships if your not a two timer. Now think about it, do you really want to have a long term relationship with a player.

    • He has a point. QA is 17 and the girl in question is probably around that age. If she's slept with one guy 5 different times that's not a big deal, if she's slept with two different guys that's a little concerning, and any more guys that that - she's not taking sex seriously. If the 5 times of sex were with 3-5 different guys, then she likely didn't give herself enough time to get to know them before sleeping with them.

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