Confused about how much he texts, is he testing me?

I am sort of seeing this guy and do really like him, and I know he is really interested in me too (I'm friends with his friend who tells me about how much the guy I'm seeing chats about me while I'm not there and thinks I am Wow!).

However it really annoys me as he will sometimes end texts with one word answers, so I won't reply and then he will not text unless I send the next one.

It's annoying and I sometimes feel like he's testing me and seeing whether I am going to text him (and display my interest) this a likely story? Or is he just not that interested?


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  • Yeah we guys like to know we are in power in the relationship, so we don't text first. But he is interested, though not as much as his friend is saying. His friend is probably exagerating a bit. He probably wants this relation to work more than the guy you like. Check it. Maybe this guy came out a long relationship, so his friend wants this relationship to work.


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