Girl wants to reschedule our 3rd date?

I met this girl at the beginning of December. She works as a barmaid at my local pub and came on to me at a bar in town one night when she wasn't working. Got her number and took her out for a drink after work a few weeks later. Set up a second date which went very well ... Took her out for dinner and ended up at her house after. We regularly text each other but setting up dates has proved to be hard as she works most days and her boss never does a rota.

Set up a 3rd date over Xmas ... Mexican restaurant then cinema after. I text her on the day to see what time was good to pick her up and we agreed on half 5. At about quarter to 5 she sent me this text ... "Hey I'm really sorry but could we rearrange tonight? My best friend has just come round crying because she broke up with her boyfriend and I can't really leave her. I would just be a terrible friend if I left her now! I think I am off work on Sunday night if your free? xx"

I'm just interested to see if people think this is genuine excuse or is it just another girl flaking? Most girls who flake don't normally ask if your free to rearrange the date another night and actually give what night they have free.

Your thoughts please?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds genuine to me

    If I really didn't want to go out on a date with someone I would never pick another day that I'm free


What Guys Said 1

  • Ha lighten up man, it's her first time rescheduling. If she did it often it would be a different story.

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