Have any men had any luck with online dating?

If you have then tell me which site, how long it took to find someone, and anything else you might want to share.

Thanks for the answers. I've come to realize that getting a woman is just to much work in general, be it online or in real life. Personally, I'm finding that the benefits don't outway the risks.


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  • I know some who have, yes.

    One coworker met his wife online, she's an attractive lawyer, pretty nice too, and mainly pursued him.

    Another guy I worked with did a fair bit of online dating when single, he got tons of good women.

    Both guys were very able to pick up in real life as well, and did so.

    Both used lavalife. I know people who got dates through plenty of fish, but here in Toronto at least, that seemed ... not as good.

    The guy I know with the most success:

    - had a great profile reviewed by several female friends

    - had photos of himself 'out having fun' including some shots of him with mixed gender friends ('see, I'm not a psycho sitting in a basement')

    - would ask women whose profile he liked out IMMEDIATELY for coffee or a drink. Tons of women on those sites are just enjoying the attention, if they don't know if they want to have coffee with you, they're not serious or not interested in you.

    - he'd sign up at a pay site for 1-3 months, and basically be setting up like 5-8 first dates a week. Yes, that many. He'd be spending an hour or two a night sending messages. But basically, he'd do that for a few weeks, and typically have a stead girlfriend at the end (who he had chosen, he'd have had multiple women after him).

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    • Plenty fish sucks! Filled with fake profiles, women with kids looking for someone to be a daddy, girls who want to get married right away. I was on PoF for about three months, never got one reply from a woman.

    • If you can't get dates in real life, online dating isn't going to solve your problems. I would say your success rate in real life is likely to be much _higher_ then online. Online's only advantage is that it gathers a lot of single people in one place where you can take your chances with a lot of women. But lots of other men are too - you are competing even more online.

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  • I know I'm not a man, but me and my boyfriend met online and have been dating over a year now. I have been through the whole online dating process many times, and have had some success so I want to help by giving you some advice.

    My friend who had been on the dating site for 10 months, many dates has just got engaged to someone he met online. And yes, he is a guy. He had met many women, sent many messages, and it basically comes down to having a care-free attitude about it all. Online dating is a tool, you just have to use it effectively.

    It can work, it's just in how you use it. A lot of guys are under the misconception that girls get 150 messages everyday. Wow, that is a lot, who would want that many anyway? Imagine reading that many messages from random people. To many that would be great, but that is not true of online dating. I don't know of anyone that has gotten 150 messages. Maybe 4-6 but not much more than that on a given day.

    Yes there are a lot of people online who just do not care, those are the people that are clogging up the system making many people frustrated. I know it's frustrating, but the only way to get any results is to send out a ton of messages. I did it, and it worked for me. If you are serious in finding someone, you will make the effort.

    About your profile:

    Put up several pictures of yourself. Have one good face shot, one of you doing something you love doing, another full body and you are good to go.

    Have a good variety of interests listed. List things you like, no matter how silly they are, it allows someone to get to know you a little. It's also good to list some things you want to do in the future. Does that involve kids? Trips to cool places? Finishing a degree? Going back to school? Getting that awesome job? Buying a house? Spending more time with your family? All of those are good things to put on your profile.

    Online dating is hard work. I am not going to lie, I spent about 8 months on a site just to meet my boyfriend who I have now dated for over a year. I visited many profiles, read them, messaged many people and read messages. But just be persistent, still try to meet people in your daily life as well. Online dating can be just one of many channels in meeting that perfect match. Don't close yourself off entirely to other ways of meeting people! The more people you are exposed to the better your chance at finding that person will be :)


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  • Most women use online dating because they want men to talk to them, compliment them, and make them feel desirable. I don't think that most of them are actually looking for relationships.

  • i'm sure they have, but online dating is where it is more in the woman's favor instead of the man, women are far more picky and choosy online than they are in real-life, I bet a few of women who reject you online possibly would have given you a chance in the real world

  • I haven't done online, but I've heard from friends that eharmony is good.

    I'd recommend speed dating. That way, you see what you're getting. I have tried that. For me it netted about one date every 1-3 outings.

  • Online dating for the most part is a joke. it works just like it does in the real world.

    Most websites are scams with fake profiles because they are flooded with male members.

    Others take your money and waste as much time as they can with "personality quizzes" to string you along as long as they can. Most of your time is spent reading and reading and reading female profiles ( some as long as books ), and once you take the time to write a pretty meaning full message to them your either ignored, get a reply then ignored. Or end up chatting with the person just to have them hook up with someone else in real life.

    You send out 40 messages and your lucky if 3 reply. Woman get 150 messages easily in a few days ( if she is decent looking ). Woman don't even have to bother to look for anyone because like in the real world all the men go to them. So even if your personalities match 98% she will still go after the really cut guy who made a profile to just get some action. You will end up seeing the same sentences over and over " I don't care about looks, I just want someone serious " but in reality your still being judged on your photos first.

    Online dating sites give men the chance to be rejected by woman all over the world, Not just the ones in your town :) You have a better chance scouring a number by walking up to a woman and starting a convo then asking someone on the web ( even if you chatted with them a few weeks. ( you will always end up the creeper, even if they are the one messaging you. 5 female friends I know use it as a esteem boost. They make a profile and boom 200 guys are hitting on them 50 min later, they love it. Just save yourself the time,money and use Facebook. Myspace was awesome back int he day for hooking up tho

    • Forgot to ad.

      Unless she is the one paying to use the site then I wouldn't bother. The Only sites I would trust is the ones that EVERYONE pays. Or the ones made for big business people who don't have time to go out and find someone. Too many sites make it look like they have hot woman then you pay and magically no1s in your town. They work allot better in Big Cities though for sure.

    • Yeah I every quickly realized that they are a scam, and that not nearly enough women use them. So like you mentioned you end up with a bad ratio of men to women. I tried online stuff because I work a lot and I have confidence issues. I don't think I'll ever be able to just go up to women. O well I guess I'm f***ed.

    • Then dont. Dating should not have to be a trial and error because you randomly ask them out as you meet them. The best relationships happen because you put yourself out there with more people and meet others through your friends. getting to know a woman before you screw her works more in the long run. sometimes you see someone and just go for it but don't waste your time constantly asking woman out on dates wasting all your money. dating shouldn't be a monthly trial.

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