Was he trying to suggest a date?

This guy I've known for a couple of years both belong to a Union. He was complaining about something work related and I told him he should go t a Union meeting and tell them. his reply was, "you could go with me and we could tell them together."

Also, he told me he was watching a show that he knew I would like and he said, "if I knew your number I would have called you to tell it was on,"

Am I reading too much into this or are they subtle hints? he's flirted and complimented me many times but he's never asked me out.

thanks so much guys, for your insight, really appreciate it!


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  • Those are definitely subtle hints. Invite him to a coffee and you can continue it on from there. He likes you, but he seems shy and maybe insecure. Hope it goes well ;-)

  • Umm yes those are hints, but it sounds like he is shy and is looking for you to make the first move. So ask him "would you like to come over and watch" then you would break that awkward barrier that you have going on.

    • "would you like to come over and watch" is way too bold and bad idea, after few dates... Maybe, but not on first date. Might as well say, "wanna come over and make out and have sex all night?"

      The poor guy is totally hitting on you, just too timid to ask you out. Its up to you to make the first move, invite him for a cup of coffee, or join your social gatherings, and take it from there. Best wishes

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