Should I text\message him or not?

Let's call him Matt. A few months ago Matt would always try to hookup with me and would talk to me everyday, but then he got a girlfriend and he continued to talk to me for a few days but then stopped. I haven't spoken to him for a month or two. I wouldn't mind hooking up with him now that's he's single .. We've never hooked up Before, I always told no. Him and his girlfriend broke up two days ago. Should I message him or not? Should I make it obvious what I want?


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  • Yes I think you should. He probably thinks you were never interested because like you said you always said no. I would text him to see how he's doing.

    • Wouldn't it look pretty obvious though?

    • it may look obvious but why does it matter?

      you make it seem like you just want a hookup. and for someone coming out of a relationship, a hookup may be just what they need to a confidence booster or something like that. I doubt he'll want more, but you sound like that's totally fine