What is the difference between talking, dating, and being in a relationship?

I just want to know what the general consensus is on what those three things actually mean.


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  • To me the difference is:

    1)Talking: you don't have to be a person's friend to talk to them, they could just be a lab partner or acquaintance, friend or a family member. Talking is something that you just do naturally to communicate.

    2)Dating: This is used to get to know a person you fancy more. It is not a romantic relationship set in stone thus you don't have any real obligations to that person although there is an etiquette, you can't go around having a ton of one night stands while dating a person and call it OK. The difference between dating and talking is that while you are talking to that person you are also showing interest and flirting I hope. You wouldn't normally just jump from talking to someone to having a romantic relationship (unless they are friends with benefits I guess), I think dating helps solidify it.

    3) A relationship is like a main course, it's what you hope to achieve after dating. With a relationship you gain obligations and responsibilities. The difference between relationship and dating is that now it's official, you can tell everyone they are your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you said that while you were dating that would be like rushing it in my opinion (though some disagree). Now you really can't go around touching people in flirty ways without upsetting your other. You pretty much have a grasp of who your sig-other is and now the floor is open to try new things with them, and not to mention you can cuddle with them without freaking them out yay!

    Talking is like the beverage, you need it or else your meal will be dry, but dating is the appetizer, it gets you excited for the main course, a relationship.

    • No, the difference between "talking" and "dating" is that you asked the person out while dating, and not with "talking" yet. You're supposed to be flirtatious and show interest when "talking."

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  • Talking - Getting to know someone (may have a mutual interest in each other.) - not necessarily going out on dates, but speaking on terms of trying to get to know each other better.

    Dating - Going out in hopes of eventually pursuing a relationship out with other person. (Trying to establish a connection.)

    Relationship - Exclusively dating another (committed relationship) - already went through the phrase of dating and a stronger bond came out of it.

  • 'Talking' - flirting, open to a relationship and it's pretty obvious something could come out of it

    Dating- Going out one dates, dinner. Nothing Exclusive. Casual.

    Relationship- Exclusively dating, more serious, concrete and committed

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