AMAZING chemistry but text only?

So, there's this guy and we have AMAZING chemistry. I'm talking out of control, I felt you from across the room - but we have the strangest non-relationship. It's been going on for 2 years, but it seems like every 6 months one of us texts the other, and it's on again. Great dates, mad respect, and little more intimate each time...then it fades.

So, it's about that time again, but this time...I don't know if I wanna respond. He ONLY texts me, and he takes 24hrs to text back when I respond. WTF?! Given, now I do the same thing to him because I'm spiteful...but do I have a chance? Can I make this anything? I never call and I'm admittedly very inconsistent - but can I change that? He once told me that he had "met his match" in me, and I know that's good (?)...

Can I turn this around?


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  • Oh well...

    To me this seems like a simple one ^^ Do you want to get closer to him?

    It appears so, so just go after him. Tell him you'd like to hang around with him, if things go well tell him more about your feelings for him.

    If things just stay the way they are you COULD go on with an ultimate line like "you see, we've been on and off for about two years now, I made clear that I like you - just make up your mind weather I should stay or go..." - though such things are just ... well ... not good ^^

    Getting on and off and on and off won't bring you anywhere, I've been this road just the past year and as the girl on my side wouldn't make up her mind I've decided to let it go.

    Decide if he's worth it going after and then take your actions. If you're too unsure it would eventually be better to let it go, too.

    But this is just for you to decide, hope I helped a bit

    • My problem is, will he answer the question? It's an ego struggle. He's the only guy I've been serioulsy attracted to in a really long time...with a text relationship, how can I go about this? I think it is at about the now or never stage.

    • Just ask, honestly. Ego struggle as you call it sure is a handicap but get over it. Sounds easy from my point of view but is way harder for you actually to do ;)

      As for the question if he's going to answer yours ..... if he doesn't he isn't worth all the trouble and if he does his answer will just what you wanted. And honest answer without any evasive moves in it - hopefully, that is...

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  • maybe he is trying to not seem desperate by not texting should call him and talk to him about a variety of subjects and slip in how that bugs you...tell him that you like him but if he keeps that off that you will not be interested and move on...i think you need to be consistant with each other...

    please go answer my last question and give me your opinion

    • Consistency is definitely a problem. But I have a big ego. What if he doesn't answer the phone, which is what I assume will be the case?

    • Put your egos aside and just talk to one another. if he doesn't want your opinion than you should totally move on to someone who values what you bring up. if he doesn't answer the phone then wait a week and if doesn't answer just delete his number. when he finally calls (assuming it takes him more than a week) than you should flat out tell him that its messed up and tell him that he needs to be more responsive to your needs...and then hang out...i bet he would call you within two daystosaysorry

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  • could be any number of issues, have you asked him about it? or brought it up in conversation?

    • Nope. I think it's an ego struggle. Mine is big, and his is bigger. I would be embarrased to bring it up, because then I would feel like he won, which of course is stupid, but I can't help it!

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