Did you ever sneak out?

i was curious if anyone ever snuck out after dark to see your girl/boyfriend. how old were you and did you get caught?

and if you did why did you sneak out instead of asking?


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  • yes, nearly every night my senior year of high school to see my boyfriend, he worked til 11pm, sometimes 2am and my mom wouldn't let me out that late, I'd get home at 4am-6am... hm I wonder why I failed school? slept all day, partied all night,lol.

    • eventually my mom found out and nailed my window shut but at that point I was just using the front door, there wasn't much she could do to.

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  • Yes, a girl friend back in my teens sneaked out to see me. I didn't know she had to sneak out, or I'd have been more careful to keep us somewhere hard to find. Her big sister found her and dragged her out of the cafe screaming; big sis slapped her around and threw into her car, slapped me when I tried to intervene.

    • ...ouch! big sis must have been mad.

    • Big sis was tired of her sneaking out, it happened a lot!

  • not to see a girlfriend , but to go party :D sadly everyone I knew had already left the party hahaha :D

    I sneaked out because my parents were already sleeping and I received a text that it was a great party , so I sneaked out :D

    I was 16

  • I needed a girlfriend to have motivation to do so.


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