He is always asking questions abut me and my life?

So I have been talking to this guy for a couple of weeks and we have seen each other a few times so far. He is always asking questions abut me and my life and what I think of him. Then I said to him you are always asking me what I think but you never tell me what you are thinking and I got a well that's the game right. And I said well you could just tell me and it would make that part easier and just got a I don't know about that. What the hell is that suppose to mean?


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  • wtf? this guy is just playing games...move on, we aren't in high school anymore...

    he'll regret it once he loses you, but for your own good please stay away from his immaturity, it'll just bring you down

  • He obviously cares about you. Why don't you ask him more questions instead of waiting for him to tell you how he feels. He probably didn't mean anything by that comment.


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