Which girl would you choose?

if you were a 6'4" guy in high school


NEW girl.. just met her! She's pretty quiet, yet outgoing. She has long dark red hair, dark brown eyes and is REALLY skinny, and around 5'2"... She has like no curves, but is cute! She is interesting to listen to, and seems to make a lot of friends for a new girl!

Girl #2

She is an old friend, they go back in middle school! She is cute too, and is friends with almost everyone! She's REALLY social, and cheers others up! She is bigger than the other girl, but she has curves! She has a mixture of red and blond hair.. strawberry blond I guess that's what you call it! and she has greenish blueish eyes. and also 5'2"

Which one does he pick?


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  • I don't know enough about their personalities to make a decision.


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  • Girl #1. From past experience I have found out that going out with my friend who is a girl, means I would potential lose her friendship for good. I won't go with girl #2, the risk is too high in losing the friendship. But if the guy does not value girl #2 friendship then he should go with her.

  • Dude, each guy would choose someone different. We have different preferences, different perspectives, etc.

    If you're asking this question relating it to a situation of yours, then you might find that you won't be any better off reading the answers. And if it's just a random question, I don't choose people from features- I would choose them from the whole picture and experience of them.

  • if I were 6'4 then I'd probably pick girl #1

    but these characteristics alone aren't enough to make the decision, you have to know the real person


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