Dating because I'm lonely/for experience wrong?

So I want a boyfriend and I want to have some experience with boys...So is it wrong for me to go out with boys I'm not really atttracted to or feel a connection with to fight loneliness and gain some experience?

  • So wrong. Only date people you truly like.
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  • Date for experience/cure loneliness.
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  • A good way to try to establish a connection is to go on a date. After the date if there is no attraction or connection don't go out again. No one has asked you out that you could see yourself dating? Why don't you ask someone you would be interested in? The problem with dating someone you have no interest in is that there are hurt feelings when the other person likes you and thinks you like them. if you are lonely make some stronger connections with your friends. a boyfriend/girlfriend shouldn't be someone you need to be happy, they should enhance the happiness you already have.If you have no friends join some groups with the same interests as you to find like minded people.

    In short: no, don't date someone you know you would never date just to make yourself feel better.


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What Guys Said 3

  • This is what I want to do as I don't have any experience with girls.

    Who cares what other people think is wrong or right!

    I'd say if you want to do it, then do it =)

    Just make it clear to your date that you are not interested in a serious relationship yet and that you want to have a good time.

    You should maybe try a meet-up group or a singles event, where you aren't just one-on-one with a date.

    I was just about to go and start looking for these group dating events until I was laid-off.

    Without a job, I have no right to be trying to date =(

  • Imo date only you truly like. Else you're leading guys on and that's wrong. Would you wanna be lead on/used by someone who didn't really care about you?

  • it's acceptable for girls not so much for guys


What Girls Said 2

  • That doesn't sound like fun, which is what dating should be!

  • Very wrong, you should never date someone that you would not want as a potential boyfriend or even husband.

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