How do I keep her interested?

So I went on a date with a lost friend it went real well but I found out she just got out of a relationship where she was engaged to get married thing is she's very religious and believes in no sex till marriage she's young 19 been broken up for a month.

So the date went well I feel and we started texting for a week I tried setting up a 2nd date but are schedules conflict a lot so it hasn't been possible but after this I tried talking to get on the phone to better know her but she won't answer only called like twice different days yet she will text right back most of the times, although even that has declined its been 2 days and she hasn't replied ?

I don't want tor clingy which I'm not how do I let her know I like her but not in creepy way I'm not blowing of a second date it's justo hen we make plans or suggest something either I work or she does

Well she's just completely shut me off now...

W,e I always have this luck then a girl contacts me months a

After for a

Ego boos after they fail with another.
$7,000 a month at 23 is way above my age range of peers.. Not that moneys everything but I see so Many girls with such unmotivated men who treat them like crap it's like they are drawn to disfunctional men


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  • I have been previously engaged and had my engagement broken off, and let me tell you it hurts on an extremely deep level. I don't know if she was able to plan any of her wedding either...if she did, that deepens the hurt as well.

    She is in a world of pain emotionally and even though she may want somebody, it is probably way too soon...even if she doesn't realize it. My suggestion to you is to be there for her more as a friend, or at least have the intentions of a friend as far as caring for her above all. Make sure she knows that you care about her for the right reasons. After she is done healing, if it is meant to be, it will happen. She will get the chance to see you are a genuine guy and is more likely to give you a chance.

    She is probably aware you are interested, but is still hurt and confused. Give her time. Maybe you could try something simple like saying... hey I was thinking of going for a short walk or run, would you like to join me? Maybe that would open up the communication, but there wouldn't be the pressure of a date. Good luck!

  • I'm sorry :( As much as this is messed up, I know when I was much younger, it terrified me when a decent and nice guy was interested in me. I knew they had a lot to offer, but was afraid of what would happen if things worked i.e. a serious relationship. Maybe she isn't looking for anything serious. That unfortunately is your answer. My guess is she doesn't want anything serious and is avoiding what could be a good relationship out of fear.

    If she comes back into the mix several monthes later like you mentioned, it's up to you on whether you want to give her an ego boost. I wouldn't, but I wouldn't be mean either. Her reaction sounds like it is fear based.

    • No need for you to be sorry it just seems with this day and age il stay alone for awhile every girl I end up likening thinks I'm way to nice and good for them I know exactly that they just want to let me down easy which is what frustrates me because I never get told that I'm a ass and always get the you're a great guy but I can't date you drama so I'm left without anything to improve myself with..

      I make $7,000 at 23 I'm no bumm and I've been told I'm funny and handsome I don't get it anymore.

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    • Where would that be? Online dating? I'm open to Suggestions

    • My suggestion would to get involved in a church singles group. Honestly, you are more likely to find a real decent woman there than you would at a bar or anywhere else. A lot of churches have groups for young adults, many of which are single. That's my suggestion, if you want to meet a woman of substance. Like I said, it may not be your thing... but you might get more than a great girl out of it! ;)

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