What's the difference in guys being nice and guys being interested?

I've heard how obvious guys can be but I'm oblivious. So help please! Thanks :)


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  • Guys that aren't specifically interested in you may be friendly, but they usually won't go out of their way to be "nice". That's more for guys who ARE interested in you.


    - You're in a room with a bunch of people. Not-interested-in-you-guy (NIIYG) might see you, smile, and say "Hi" from across the room. Interested-in-you-guy (IIYG) will walk across the room, say "Hi", and engage in a bit of conversation.

    - You're unloading a bunch of stuff from your car and taking it inside. NIIYG might help carry in a load as he's going in the building. IIYG will make several trips back to the car to help you fully unload everything.

    - NIIYG may let you tag along with him to McDonalds, will park, let you go inside, and by yourself some food. IIYG will also PAY for your food, or at least offer to.

    In other words, NIIYGs won't make any special effort to be around you, or do favors for you, or show off around you, or otherwise get or keep your attention. IIYGs will do those things.

    • What if I'm the type that doesn't accept help easily? lol Miss Independent I guess you could say.

    • It's not whether or not you ACCEPT his help or whatever, it's whether or not he's OFFERING. If he isn't interested, it won't occur to him to offer.

      And look at my first example: it's just him making a little extra effort.

    • oh OK makes sense. thanks!

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  • Unless she's related to him or ugly, there isn't one.

  • Guy being nice won't offend you.

    Guy interested will actively do something to get what he wants.

  • there isn't really a difference in my opinion, I think that if a guy is nice to you he most likely likes u. if he doesn't when you are showing him signals he will brush them off and when you text him he won't answer, usually you can use guys that like you to your advantage because they would be nice and do anything for you to get you to like them so yeah ha ha hope that helps

  • use your women's intuition


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