Do I seem to be cheap ?

My boyfriend used to have very bad habits when we started dating .. like raising his voice at me , hanging up in my face, and getting really angry at every single detail .. I had patience, and I managed to change these traits.. and now he is a lot calmer, loves me a lot more .. all in all , he got very mature and does little cute things that he never used to do .. like for example if we have a fight and hang up while both angry, he calls back immediately and apologize for losing control again .. I become very happy when he does such things because he really seems to care to change .. and I tell him that these stuff make me happy, and I would tell him that I love him and I would do anything for him .. now do I seem to be cheap in the way that I am thankful for small things.. a friend told me that this is wrong and I have to be colder so he would get used to do bigger stuff .. now he will think that small things make me happy and he won't try harder.. for bigger stuff .. is this true ? should I really be colder? is it wrong to seem so happy about the little changes he does ? thanks :)


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  • Don't change and ignore your friend's advice.

    The reason is simple: Your way produced results.

    When I got to about the 4th line in your question text, I laughed out loud that this guy will probably be sitting down to pee for this girl in two calendar months, but revoked the thought when you doubted your own methods. :)

    btw, as a rule of thumb, always sweat the small stuff. The only person to ever tell me to "never sweat the small stuff" had been through enough divorces and bad relationships to destroy all credibility.

    Just keep your ship steady. Oh, and to actually answer your question: no, you don't seem cheap.


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  • Worst logic ever. Not appreciating his little things will drive him away.

  • sounds like you want to play head games.

    That is not good and if he figures out what you are up to ( which if you do it for long enough he probably will) it may because serious problems.

    Be careful of this.

    • So what am I doing wrong exactly ?

    • you seem to be trying to make him the way you want him, he is not a pet he is a partner.

      Be equal and honest, and expect the same.

      It sounds like he left a lot be desired in the beggining but if he is quite good now try not to controll or train him as you would a dog but try to transition to being equal partners that won't always aggree but will always be honest.

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