Has it been long enough?

I texted the guy I really like 4 days ago. He was 'mad' at me for a while now. It felt like are friendship was pretty much ending, so I texted him a really sweet message so that it was obvious that I still wanted to be his friend and that I was still interested in him.

He didn't reply back but I left it at that.

Now its been 4 days and he hasn't bothered to contact me, should I move on or hold on. this felt like my "last attempt"

- I ment to write that he DID text back, but it wasn't a conversation builder just a polite reply


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  • probably just give it a last try and if it doesn't work then move on.

    simply say you are sorry (I guess you did something wrong when he is mad at you) and tell him that you really don't wanna loose him as a friend because this friendship means a lot to

    you and that you never wanted to hurt him/make him angry