What to do when hanging out with the guy I like?

We're in high school and both kind of shy, but it's pretty darn clear we're both into each other. He asked what I was doing this weekend, and when I said "nothing", he suggested that we hang out. I'm going to suggest that we hang out next weekend (can't this weekend because of a conflict with a family gathering that I had forgotten about). What should we do once we do hang out?


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  • talk, get to know each other, you're warm up and get less shy in the process and see if you're 'compatible' etc..

    • hmm so literally just sit there and talk?

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    • no that would be cool, you could watch a movie on the couch, much more personal than at a theater

    • okay, thanks!

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  • Why don't you get to know each others' bodies

    • overprotective parents...