Why do some guys text like this?

This guy texts me today with a simple, "how are you?" no hi or anything else. I reply within the hour with, "i'm good thanks just preparing for a family wedding this weekend. how are you going?"

It's been half a day and I doubt he's going to reply. He's also not the only guy that does this to me. I don't understand why someone would go to the trouble of texting you first and then not reply. Why do guys do that?

I have the greatest urge to text and say, why do you bother texting me when you have no intentions in replying.


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  • Personally I don't like communication when it's not face to face so usually I'll send a text when I'm thinking about her but can't see her. But I find long text conversations boring and too time consuming as I'll tend to over analyse what I'm about to write!

    Phone calls are even worse as you can't just end it when you want so texting is the next best option! It does show he is at least thinking about you but it is a little rude too not reply with a follow up text to your question. Might just be keeping your attention to check your still interested. Ahhhh all the fun and games!

    • thanks :) I don't like games it's a little childish and it was extremely rude that he didn't reply, so I'll just move forward.

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  • He just wanted to know if you were still interested in him, like for example by asking something about him? ... Didn't do that, so he just lost interest.

    • I asked how he was lol

  • It took you an hour to reply. His 'urge' to text you died. Next time reply sooner.

    • I would have if I wouldn't have been at work

    • Text him first next time then. But if he was very interested he still would have replied.

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  • I think the guys are right, if he was sitting by his phone and he decided to text you, he would probably wait around for you to reply, and when you didn't he would have found something to do. I am not certain about this, but in my experience guys tend to dedicate themselves to the task of texting, so they will choose something light to do so that they are available for the conversation. Whereas the girls I know, just keep doing what they are doing and respond to the text when they get around this, guys please correct me if I am wrong.

  • it wouldn't hurt to apologize for the late response..

    • I was at work and replied as soon as I could within the hour. Like someone else said, if he was really interested he would have still replied.

    • yes but did you explain you couldn't get to the phone? he probably felt like you didn't care.