Should I get my hopes up on seeing my boyfriend today?

well I saw him the other day he called me and wanted me to go see him at his work on his break for 30 min and we had a good time we made out and talked and I told him I want him to come over and I told him I have Friday off and I'm hoping he will come over today like he said he would how can I make sure it happens? i really have my hopes up please give me advice


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  • Advice? On what?


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  • It is only 11:30 sweetie...
    He is probably busy..and will come later. :)
    no worries. stuff happens <3333333333

    • i know girl but now its 1:00 I'm kinda worried

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    • yea I'm tryin not to freak out lol

    • you will be fine :)

      and things will come clear later, you will see <333

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