A guy I meet online said he wanted to go out on a date then deleted his profile. Why would he do this?

We talked and texted several times a week for a month. He said he was really attracted to me and wanted the chance to date. Three days ago he "favorited" me. I gave him my number and he replied with the message,"You are so damn beautiful." Today he deleted his profile after nearly a year on the site. I know he didn't block me because my friends can't find him on in their searches either. I now have no way of contacting him. What do you think happened? Should I write him off?


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  • Well...unless your sources are 100% accurate (i.e: a common friend or family you know of him), you can't know what his true story is.

    Other than that I still think he's hiding something. His looks may be one of the things. Just be cautious if he resurfaces, he needs to have a solid story. You don't just burn your shops if you care about someone and want that person to be able to reach out to you.


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  • There's a "hide profile" option. He may have done that for some reason. There are plenty of reasons why someone would do something like that. We can only speculate.

  • Be cautious. He deleted it for a reason. Chances are he was married or engaged in another relationship, and the other person probably found out or came close to finding out...so he deleted every proof.

    Always be cautious of guys like that...if they just "vanish", it can not be good.

    • I did a background check on him and everything he told me was the truth - his name, job, background, family, single (at least not married) etc. So I didn't see any real red flags. Just a real interest, then poof! I figure if he wanted to keep a connection going he would have dropped me an e-mail before vanishing. His loss. Big time. Maybe this has something to do with the work photo I found of him online? He was about 50 pounds bigger and much older looking than the photo the posted online.

  • I thought you gave him your phone number? and he replied with a ,"You are so damn beautiful." so now you have his number too, so make an effort and call him and find out.

    May be he deleted his profile because he found the right girl and doesn;t need to be on the site anymore (assuming its a dating website). But do ask him if he is married or etc and make sure he is not lying.


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