Am I just an annoying cling on or am I something of potential interest to this guy?

I'll try to keep this short & snappy.

There's this boy (Lee) I have met a few times by chance when we've been out. I knew at first that he certainly had interest in me however he later found out he'd be moving across the world for several months. I don't know if this was the reason or not but communication between us pretty much came to a stand still for a good while. However I was shopping today and I ran into him. THe first time this happened he was talking to a friend in a shop, he turned to face me and both him and his friend acknowledged me and said "hi"with a smile. They then continued their conversation and I basically ran out of the shop heart beating like mad! The 2nd time I met Lee was when I was coming out of New Look. He saw me coming and said "hello" to me again smiling but quickly turned his face away from me. So I bravely approached him and we started talking he started rambling and often made eye contact looking away uncomfortably now and then though. He was going on about everything and I just couldn't be sure if he wanted to speak or not so I said I'd leave him be for now. I said "I'll see you later then" with no intentions of ever seeing him again and he said "yeah I should be out later so I'll probably see you around, no that I'll remember anything though!" so I gave him a cuddle and he rested his head on my chin while cuddling me back.

Just to add we have kissed and he's walked me home twice before. And I've spent a night with him at his house (we never had sex) but got close to it, I chickened in the end as I was scared this was all he wanted from me... What is happening here? Someone help...


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  • i would say that he is potentially interested in you.

    it's had to read him from what you said but it is quite clear you don't do things that normal friends do. I think that you just have to go out with him more and then see where things go from there. if he is moving accross the world for several months, it is also likely that he is reluctant to start something with you.

    best of luck(:


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  • Well he does have somefeelings for you or he would not be talking to you. It is not easy since he will be gone after a little while, so I would just be careful and not rush into anything. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. So just "play it cool" around him. You don't want to get hurt incase something happens with him when he leaves, but at the same time, it could be healthy and could form a strong relationship. Maybe you just want to talk to him about what he wants to do when he is gone and how you may fit into the picture. But make sure that there is sort of an opening before you go into talking about that.