Will he take that as a cue that I said yes?

I missed the subtle hint that a guy was suggesting we go to a soccer game together.

A week later I am kicking myself for not picking up on it sooner.

In my defense it was very subtle!

I have passed a message to a mutual friend to ask him how I can get tickets for this match, as I know he is a regular soccer goer. I don't have any contact numbers for him sadly.

Will he pick up on my hint that I do want to go with him?

Or will he have forgotten about this and not bother getting back to me?


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  • if he liked you I'm pretty sure he will get back to you soon.

    but your hint is really too subtle for him to say that you want to go out with him. perhaps you should say something like "sometimes I get a bit confused about what is going on during the game and I wished someone would be beside me to explain it"

    sorry if I offended you because I'm working on the assumption that girls aren't very interested in soccer. you could also go along the lines of

    "i love how X team plays! how I wish I can meet more fans to cheer alongside X team when they play"

    hope this helps(:

    • only see him every 4 to 6 months, and game is in 3 weeks lol :(

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  • kinda funny that like a soccer player, you're "kicking" yourself.


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  • It's sort of a toss-up. The proverbial ball's in his court either way, so the only thing you can do at this point is to wait. Also, don't assume that the mutual friend actually ran over to relay your message. Shakespeare and other authors made a living out of writing about star-crossed lovers who get (and miss) signals from their would-be partners...

    • mutual friend is his sister and she did say she would ask him but whether she does I don't know.

    • Hmm. It's always good to double-check on your messenger.

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