Do women usually ask questions disguised as another question?

So my very good friend and I have just gotten out of terrible long term relationships. We do some innocent flirting throughout the years and I very attracted to her.

Few weeks ago, her friends suggest that we become a couple due to how much we care for each other already. She later talked to me alone and said things along the line of, "I love you like a brother, I don't have those kinds of feelings for you, but I'm not saying never"

So yesterday we were doing our usual innocent flirting when she threw this question at me out of nowhere. "would you ever consider dating a Polish girl?" (I'm an Asian dude btw). I answered Of course, started joking around and we just kept on texting for the rest of the night.

Is she asking any "polish" girl in general? or does she mean her? Was she trying to hint something to me or am I digging too much into this?

BTW, she is very hot and gets attention from lots of guys all the time. I would definitely want to start something up with her, but don't want to risk messing up what we have; she is my closest friend.

Do nothing? do something? Please give me some opinions!

Yes she is Polish.


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  • I'm sorry but she asked tht question because she wanted to know what other ethnic groups thought of Polish girls--maybe she wanted an Asian's opinion in particular--I'm afraid it means she is thinking of another guy and wondering if he'd be prejudiced against her.

    But that doesn't mean you couldn't have taken it as a challenge and grabbed her and kissed her. "There, does that answer your question?' Force her to react and stop thinking about whether you're her brother!

    The next time she says something like that, take it as an invitation--even if she didn't mean it that way. She won't be all upset, I'm pretty sure. And in life you have to take chances sometimes!


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  • If she is Polish then probably yes she is hinting somthing but it is difficult to know exactly what. If you want to do something, then try to gather more info... don't risk on acting alone on this thing only.

  • Guys usually think they need to read between the lines.. It really depends on the person. I am a girl and I will tell you straight out right. Honestly I think that you are better off not trying to figure it out just ask her.


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