If he wants to talk he will text me....right?

So this guy at my work gave me his number. And he asked me do you have a boyfriend or anything. And I said Nope I am single:) And he said nice so am I. The other night I sent him a text saying "hey we should go see the devil inside this weekend it looks scary: His reply "i know" Uhh what the f***. I know for a fact I shouldn't be freaking out but I am. I am just looking way too much into this aren't I?


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  • You have the right to be confused because that's a really stupid answer. Well he is interested just based off of giving you his number (unsolicited, I'm assuming). The answer was just stupid though. So yeah, he's interested but I have no idea what the interaction was all about.


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  • You are overthinking. A lot.


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  • Yea, the text he sent back is pretty noncommittal. I guess you could text him back with a time and place for the movie and ask him if that will work.

    Hi Joe (or whatever his name is), The Devil Inside is playing at Carnival Theater (or whatever theater) Saturday night at 8:20. Do you want to go then or is 9:55 better? Sylvia (or whatever your name is)

    • I think that is a little too pushy. Just started talking you wouldn't want to scare him away..

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    • Much better.

    • OK, good. Give us an update!

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