What do you think this means? What's it supposed to sound like?

I got a text from a friend last night. This is basically how the conversation went:

Me: ugh I feel like a total beeotch, for saying that. It was unnecessary.

Her: you're not a bitch OK? It happens.

Me: well still.

Her:LISTEN. You are not a bitch, and I love you and I feel like you're all I got and I know what this is gonna sound like but I swear I'm so confused. I f*cked up everything.

I asked what she meant by "i know what this is gonna sound like" and she tried avoid answering me. Her reason then was that she felt like she could "tell me anything"

I'm probably over analyzing but what does she actually mean?


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  • Beats me :P. Does she like girls? Maybe she's just worried about you?

    • if she likes girls? I'm not sure, she says no, but not everyone needs to be honest. And I guess being worried could be it.

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