I'm so shy, but I want this guy to know I like him?

I'm so shy, the problem is he's shy too. I don't want to go on just wondering if he likes me I wan him to know. But I'm to scared to actually tell him. One other question to guys, his best friend asked me out, will that make him not like me. is there a guy code where you can't date best friends crushes? I know girls do that! Guys Please Help!


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  • I would say, as a shy guy myself, that if the girl I liked started dating my best friend, I would avoid both of them as much as possible because I couldn't stand to see them together. As for letting him know that you like him, he's probably just as afraid of telling you as you are of telling him (assuming that he likes you back). My advice would be to give him more chances to talk to you. One thing that holds me back from talking to girls is when they are always with friends. It's really intimidating to have to go up to a group of girls. I'm not saying don't talk to your friends, but give him opportunities where you are by yourself so that he could approach you.

    • my problem is his best friend who asked me out, won't leave us alone together... he like stalks me. so I barely ever get the chance to talk to just him!

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    • I've tried that it really doesn't work.

    • Then maybe you should ask the guy you like to let him know that you're not interested.

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  • Tricky situation you've got there.

    What I would do if I were you is to tell the best friend who asked you out that you're extremely flattered he asked you out, but you can't go out with him because you really like someone he knows.

    Don't tell him exactly who you like, but otherwise tell the friend the truth. In fact, you should say that you don't want to say who the guy is because you're not sure yet if he likes you. Also, be as nice to the friend as possible, so he has a good impression of you even though you're rejecting him.

    This is the noble thing to do.

    If all goes well, the friend will understand and walk away. Even better, the friend may help you by tipping of the shy guy you like that you may like him.

  • How old is the guy? Is he below 18 like you? Same questions about his best friend?

    • both under 18

    • He is not yet old enough to respect the bro rule (Good for you) ;-). As far as letting him know that you like him, ask him about some studies, hobby, or anything that he is good at. Give him a few compliments or show surprise about how much he knows. He should get it. Also, if don't want misunderstandings never talk to his best friend. If you have to, give only "yes" or "no" answers politely. Hope it helped :)

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