What's it mean if she doesn't respond in the middle of a conversation via text?

so I've thought this girl was always cute but never got around talking to her but then one night I went to a basketball game with a friend and she stood in front of me and we kinda talked a little but not to much. But this gave me the confidence to message her on fb so I did that night and she gave me her number. so I texted her then she randomly stop texting me in the middle of a conversation. so I just didn't say anything so this happened couple more times so I just thought she wasn't even a little interested so I just gave up. well like 4 days after she texted me so I was she is interested. well of course I texted her back then of course she didn't respond after in the middle of a conversation. so I stop and told my self to not text her for like a week so then I did and we texted for like the whole day then she stopped again... ya this happened a couple of more times, are text aren't boring there interesting. so what do you think she she playing games so ill think about her if it is its working... but if its not is she not interested?


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  • Her battery died

    Her show came on

    She got busy

    She didn't have a response

    She didn't like the way her response sounded

    She was tired

    • well why would she still reply still, like her phone died why would she be like sorry my phoned died when she got it charged?

  • I think that she may be kind of into you but she might have someone else on her mind,you may be her backup plan if she can't get the guy that she is really into . I have a friend that went out with a guy for three months that she wasn't really into,she only went out with him after the guy that she really liked turned her down.Once someone that she liked better came along she was gone. If you decide to pursue her just keep in mind that you may be next best in her mind,or she might decide that she likes you a lot after she gets to know you better. Hope this helps, good luck . :)

    • but what explains the randomly stop texting me back in a middle of a conversation, its happened every time we've texted

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