I have been friends with this girl for about 2 years and I really like her.

I have been friends with this girl for about 2 years and I really like her. I act really emotional towards her when she says and do something more like a love/hate thing. And I'm thinking about if should tell her of how I feel about her. If I do tell her then I risk loosing a friend and if I don't I will be attached to her.

If I do end up telling her and she doesn't feel the same way I'm thinking that I should stop being friends with her or just limit my interactions with her.

What would you do or what is your advice?


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  • Look, talking from personal experience:

    Weight out how you really feel about her and what you know for certain how she feels about you (not talking about what you "think" you know), before taking a decision.

    I had feelings for my best friend 10 years ago, I never said anything because I knew he didn't care for me like that, so I kept my mouth shut. I took a breather, though, I limited my time with him for a while and made the conscious decision to start thinking about him as a brother. In time it worked, we are still the best of friends, I even think it made out friendship stronger, I see him as a brother and I have no romantic feelings for him whatsoever.

    It happened to me again some time ago and I decided to talk to my friend because I "thought" the feeling was mutual, it turned out it wasn't. He said he really appreciated I said something and that he wanted to keep the friendship, that he would totally understand if I wanted some time out, that he cared for me, but just as a friend. We still keep in touch and I moved on, I don't have feelings for him anymore, but I don't think that friendship would ever be the same. But I think is not supposed to be the same, because the feelings have changed.

    Define what your expectations truly are for the future of this friendship before making your mind about what is best in this situation.

    Good luck.


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  • What I learned here. Stop contact.

    As much as I want contact with the guy, he started to act strange. You don't want to end up that way.

    You can be her friend in the future afrer you sort out your feelings.

  • Well, if I were her, I would appreciate it if you told me. You could still be good friends! She might like you some day...

  • I hate when you have to pick. I know how you feel. I know this isn't the most helpful but you need to pick for yourself. If you tell her how you feel about her that could ruin your friendship. or it could turn out great. What I did was weigh both of my options. Think is it worth it or not. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear but its the truth.


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