Is this normal for guys? Would you do this to a girl that you like?

I've been dating a coworker for about 2 months. We were on a 3-week holiday, and just got back to work a couple of days ago. Work is always super busy after a long break, and frankly, we didn't really have the time to see each other, let alone chat. The only possible time would have been during meal times, except a bunch of his old friends that he hasn't seen in years are in town, and he's been hanging out (lunch, dinner etc) with them all the time. I saw him maybe twice since we got back. Once, he sat beside me in a meeting (but obviously we couldn't talk), and once I ran into him on my way to lunch with my friends. He seemed happy to see me, but we were in a hurry so we couldn't talk.

I guess I'm kind of upset that he hasn't initiated any kind of conversation with me. Like, no texts, no emails, no phone calls. We kept in touch during the break, and I was sure he was still into me. And I initiated the contact during the break, although he kept it up throughout the entire 3 weeks.

In his defense, work really has been busy, and we've been doing 12-hour days.

Would you ever be so busy that you don't have the time to initiate a conversation to a girl that you like? Should I just give up? His friends leave this weekend, should I wait until next week? I'm so confused! We're in our mid-20s, if it's relevant.


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  • No, but he might be having second thoughts. Dating coworkers is a bad practice. If it doesn't work out, you're forced to see them every day.


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