Why is it so hard for some girls to communicate?

A few months ago I started talking to a girl and hit it off. We went on some dates, she told me how I was different than other guys, and she was always texting and calling me every night. It's a long story, but it went on for a while.

One day, out of the blue, she stopped calling and she stopped picking up my phone calls. I basically never heard from her again. I was stuck wondering what happened, I was really curious. so I got a little depressed for a few weeks and then I got over it.

Just today, I found out what it was. She started seeing another guy. Some Guido looking guy with all the money in the world. This normally wouldn't bother me too much if she just told me what was going on from the beginning so I could get over it and get on with my life. She defriended me on Facebook and left me in the dark without any mention of this.

Why is it so hard for some girls just to communicate like grown-ups? I just can't see how I could ever do that to someone else.


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  • Hmm... Well, I am a girl and I am in a male dominated major and I see that happen a lot with my male classmates. They think it is better than making the girl cry with the truth or are too busy to care for your feeling. This usually mean that person is not interested anymore or enough. When someone doesn't answer or kind of avoid what you are saying or asking, it is time to move on.

    My grandma used to tell my mom to ask a person once to clear up any miscommunication but if that person is avoiding you, it is kind to move on. Maybe it is just my observation or that I do it too but unless I believe someone is trustworthy enough or that I can actually get help from, I don't bother to keep in contact. I don't know how old the person you are talking to is but when we are young, we just don't know how to handle relationship or communication. Remember in grade school when you used to make fun or do whatever, well some people take longer time. It is better to read the line in between or ask upfront so you don't waste your limited time on earth. I used to have a friend who was very nice when she wants something but will avoid when she is too busy. She tried contacting me back and I realize that both genders do that. However, just take it as a lesson learned and not fall for this trap again.


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  • Ok, well lets start by saying that guys do this too, not just girls. People in general don't like to directly reject someone, especially when they've done so because of another person. It's awkward and it makes them feel like an a-hole.

    I'm sorry, because I know it sucks to have someone blow you off, but would it really have been better if she had called or texted you and said "Hey, I know I've been acting like I'm into you, but I found someone richer so I'm gonna go for him"? Would you really get over it faster you think? It would still be rejection and it would still hurt.

    IDK, it seems to me that there is no right way to choose someone else, because the other person is still going to feel rejected no matter how you say it or do it.

    • I still think it would've been better for her to just come clean in the beginning. That way I wouldn't have spent weeks trying to figure out what I did wrong when I really didn't do anything wrong at all. Also, now that I know what happened, it gives me a reason not to like her and I didn't have that before.

    • Yeah dude, in an ideal world everyone would be honest and straightfoward with each other, but honestly I think you're better off without this girl. I'm sure you didn't do anything wrong. She's the one who feels bad about what she did and that's why she couldn't face you. Sorry...it sucks.

  • well, let's just say, karma got rid of a gold digger for you ^^

    all this girl cares about is money, so f***, you got one less trouble maker in your life

    time to enjoy your life and stop worrying about her.

    if I were a guy in your situation, I would not even think about her and not be bothered-move on to better things

  • Because she's immature and doesn't know how to communicate. Don't let her fool you though. We're not all like that.

  • well I'm sorry that happened to you but not all girls are like that and guys do it to. but your right its pretty b****** of her to do that.


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